Between - Peruvian Cafe & Lounge

Owner Carl Anderson conceived Between Boutique Cafe & Lounge as an homage to his wife Lu Lu, a strong believer in the communion of tapas-style dining. Executive chef Jose Victorio draws from his Peruvian roots and lures culinary elements from the Amazon and Asia into a distinct menu of Peruvian small plates. Amid magenta booths and feathered light fixtures, morsels of shrimp, tilapia, and prawn complement stir-fried noodles, and trademark pisco cocktails elevate conversation without the faux pas of inviting an auctioneer to dinner. Ideal for late-night lounging, the eatery invites patrons to enjoy a wide array of wines and martinis with expertly prepared tamales or savory lamb dishes.

Capturing the essence of Peruvian food ..

Between Peruvian Cafe & Lounge's executive chef, Jose Victorio, captures the essence of his Peruvian homeland with traditional, seasonal dishes enhanced by exotic flavors indigenous to the Andes, the Amazon, and Asia. A choice of quinoa-breaded chicken salad or anticuchos de corazon, grilled skewers of succulent veal heart, kick off the culinary journey, followed by the much-touted ceviche classico or the causa sampler’s pairing of crushed peruvian potatoes with aji amarillo and chicken, grilled octopus, and smoked salmon. A difficult choice between sudado, a broiled tilapia fillet, or the spicy noodles lacing through the tallarin saltado’s forest of fresh veggies, ginger, and soy proves more difficult than acing an advanced-calculus exam as a first-grader. Vanilla ice cream softens atop french toast drizzled in picarones honey, oozing an appetizing epilogue across the evening’s menu with back up from algarrobina flan.

Diners arriving before 10 p.m. may also whet whistles with a complimentary Peruvian cocktail (up to $10 each) such as the pisco sour, a drink so popular that the country devoted a national holiday to it. Inside the eatery, serpentine chandeliers with globe bulbs dangle over magenta booths and flower-topped tables illuminated by candlelight. Private couches and tables cordoned off by diaphanous red drapes afford lovers the opportunity to discretely feed each other delectable treats while maintaining eye contact for a full four minutes.

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